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reading and healing

For this year 2016/17 we propose the following:


At Eivida we have trained a large number of healers and readers. If you so desire, it is possible to experience receiving a healing or a reading.


A Healing helps to establish harmony and fluidity on an energetic level. A healing can help one to feel more physically, emotionally, and mentally stable. A Healing allows us to feel more in contact with ourselves. A healing can help in recovering from a sickness or a medical intervention and can reduce mental confusion.


A reading is a description of a person's energy. It can either be in a general format, consisting of a rose reading and/or a reading of the aura and chakras, or a more specific format, readings that respond to a specific theme or situation.

A reading can provide clarity concerning the unique way you have of being as well as in what way and why you encounter obstacles along your path in life. A reading can also provide you with more clarity regarding your goals and your way of being conscious of those goals.

Professional readers and healers are available. Call or write us, and we will put you in contact with one of them. You can also receive a general reading from one of our students in the reading program or a reading on a specific theme or situation from one of our graduate students.

These readings are supervised by the school's teachers, and we ask for a ten Euro donation in the name of the Eivida School.

If you are interested, then please contact us.                         phone    0034 666 663 477    e-mail

We can be found at the Finca Ecol√≥gica Xebel.lins, on the road from Ibiza to Santa Eularia km 3,3.    Coming from Ibiza, the school is about 500 m after Eiviss Garden.      The finca is on the right-hand side with signs that read ECO - SHOP.